• Colours of Sin

    10/07/2016 4:01:00 pm

    After heading to Las Vegas for the 5th time. I was keen to do some more shooting of the famous strip.

    But how do you shoot the same city a different way. Well after having a bit of a think before I left for the trip, I came up with the idea to do a little light painting.

    It was new to myself as I have not played with this style before, but thought with the colourful lights of Vegas, why not!!!

    So instead of the traditional light painting where the camera remains static and lights are move around it, I kind of did the reverse in waving the camera around. 

    With 10 sec exposures and letting some of the image burn into the sensor for approx 5 sec, then simply waving the camera around. Left right up or down, whatever caught my eye at the time.


    Initially the tittle was colours of Vegas, but unhappy with that I threw it open to the world of Facebook, where Colours of Sin was now born.

    cheers guys, til next time!!!!






  • Melbourne Wanderings

    22/11/2015 5:30:00 pm

    It's not too often that you get to visit a new city. Last week I had the chance to visit our southern cousin Melbourne for the first time. 

    With a afternoon and evening to spare there is nothing more enjoyable as a photographer than to simply just walk around and take pictures. 

     A simple pastime.

    Too often we look at the same things in the same way, it's not our craft or our eye, but our surrounds that can light up a spark in our creativity.

     Getting back to the basics of playing with light and colour. 

     Breaking away from our set rules and enjoying photography for what it is.

     Simply beautiful.

  • Behind the Picture

    30/10/2015 3:23:00 pm




    Behind the picture

    I was lucky enough to cover this years historical NRL Grand Final featuring The Brisbane Broncos and North Queensland Cowboys.

    It was the first time two non Sydney teams played in the big dance and it was also the first time the boys from NQ won the Premiership.

    There was much talk during the week leading up to the game that it wouldn't have the typical Grand Final atmosphere. Seeing it was two teams from Queensland playing in NSW the talk was very much warranted. 

    But the fears were washed away by Cold Chisel belting out Kay San, the stage was now set and those doubts were long gone.

    The game itself was a classic Grand Final battle, both teams scored in the first half and it was anyone's game coming into the second half.

    With the Brisbane Broncos having a small 4 point lead coming into the final minutes, the Cowboys chance was all but gone. The fairy tale of the great Wayne Bennett returning home to win the comp was almost complete.

    But when you have a champion in your team like Thurston, even the fat lady gets a little nervous.

    With a miracle strip of the ball in the final seconds of the game.
    The Cowboys now had the ball and with Thurston brushing off defenders and six zagging away from his own try line. The crowd of 82000 went ballistic with anticipation.
    As he passed the ball to his half Michael Morgan he darted across field and popped a flick pass to Kyle Feldt that would make Matt Gidley proud. The winger now hero Feldt scored in the corner. If Homebush had a roof it would've been blown off by the thousands of screaming Cowboys supporters. And a few photographers too (myself included) Brad Fittler got a little excited too.

    It was now up to JT to now seeming win his place in history by converting from the sideline.

    As the crowd held it's breath he brushed off the TV cameras as he took his steps to convert.


    It looks good, it looks good, even Thurston thought it was over. But even fairy tales have a twist.
    It hits the post. The crowd again goes silent.

    The only thing we know is extra time is coming. And that means moments of madness.

    We were not disappointed as again Thurston kicks off and the ball awaits young Broncos halfback Ben Hunt.

    The rest is history, Hunt drops the ball and the Cowboys have a scrum in front of the sticks.
    The play eventually goes to the left then back to the middle and the man known as JT kicks the extra time field goal. The noise at that moment is as loud as any crowd I have ever heard. The cowboy players high five, jump and generally enjoy some man love. The Broncos players shed some tears and wondered what could have been.
    A devastated Ben Hunt stands only a few meters away from my spot on the sideline, I can actually feel his sadness. A touching moment ensures as captain Justin Hodges comforts the young man. Unlike Hodges he will play again next year. 
    Back to the picture at hand. As the Cowboys players were on the final stages of their victory lap, the bulk of the players were along the fence line greeting their heavily excited fans. There were smiles, cheering, first pumping and plenty of pats on the back. But one thing was missing. 
    I kept an eye of for their Captain and game winning hero Thurston. The man of the moment.
    He was standing about 20 meters back from the pack of players, photographers and TV cameras. Soaking it all in and holding his beautiful daughter.
    His time to party and celebrate with his teammates would wait. This seemed a man content in his life and happy to watch it unfold a little further back from the crowd.
    I separated from the pack and headed closer towards the champion, fired off a few pictures and recorded my own piece of history. To be that close to my hero as he just achieved his dream, shake his hand and say congrats. It is those small moments in my life as a photographer that make the ups and downs and the sacrifices all worth while.
    Til next time





    24/04/2015 2:27:00 pm

    It's not everyday that you get to photograph a famous international model. But I have been lucky to have had two with local Shire girl Cheyenne Tozzi.  Tozzi grew up in Cronulla with her father,  mother and former model Yvonee  and older sister and model Tahyna Tozzi. And has since gone on to travel and work all over the world, gracing the covers of major publications to boot.

    The fist time I photographed her was late last year as she was the face of the new Westfield Miranda renovations campaign. Working for The Leader and sent out to cover the promo the setting was a semi constructed rooftop, surrounded by actual tradies on the jobsite. Wearing a full length red dress she looked amazing as myself and two other lucky photographers did our best to capture the now famous model.






     The second time and most recent, was as she again visited Westfield Miranda, this time to launch the famous store Topman. Sorry here http://www.theleader.com.au/story/3015434/feeling-cool-tozzi-opens-topshop-topman-and-turns-fashion-heads-at-miranda/

    After shooting the usual opening store pix, I saw that they had as a prop two old Rolls Royces out the front. Thinking it was a good idea to get Tozzi in the car for a pic, she graciously agreed and jumped in the back seat.(sounds cool I know) After only 10 framed were fired, some nice shots were recorded and here we are.


    With Any luck I'll one get to photograph her again.


    Til next time




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  • Behind the picture-Vegas Sunset

    20/03/2015 2:14:00 pm

    Chasing Light

    I was wondering what to post first on my new blog on my new website.

    So I thought I would start with one of my favourite landscape pictures.

    I fist fell in love with landscape photography whilst I was a teenager and a budding photography student.

    It was the work of the great Australian photographer Ken Duncan which brought my attention to the world of landscape imagery.
    I would often visit the local picture framing store at Macarthur Square and marvel at Kens work. With the dream of one day shooting my own landscapes and sharing them with the world.

    So back to my picture. It was the American summer of 2012 and I happened to be in the City of Sin Las Vegas for a Martial Art competition. One of my other passions. Ill get to that another time.

    So with a free day to spare I decided to take a chopper ride out to The Grand Canyon. A common trip for tourist.
    With a 5 seater chopper we headed off to the site late in the day for sunset. I was lucky to be with fellow travellers who were prone to air sickness and were more than happy for me to fly in the front seat rather than the back.

    A crucial seat in the scheme of photography, as you can shoot through the front and side window without annoying the hell out of your fellow passengers and also gaining a clearer shot.

    It was a good 30 minute flight out to the Canyon. Its a pretty impressive sight from the air but we then landed on a chopper friendly spot to walk around and see it from  land.

    Due to the lateness in the day, the Canyon was mostly in shade and not great for pretty pictures. Maybe an hour earlier it would've been perfect light but that would've been an afternoon tour not the sunset tour we were on.

    So due to that, I thought I had blown the chance to get a great picture from the day and I should have taken an earlier flight. But it wasn't over just yet.

    So after we landed and my chance of a great shot of the Canyon had faded. We hopped back in the chopper to head home.
    I continued to shoot from the front on the way back as we flew head on towards the setting sun.

    It might not have been pictures of the Canyon but still shooting from the air as the sun was painting a picture of reds and yellows, was still worth the trip.
    As we continued on our journey the sun had almost completely lowered and we had hit twilight.

    The sun had now almost set and we were now presented with the softer shades of blues and purple as the lights of Vegas beckoned over the horizon.

    To which this picture had now presented itself. With the Canyon in our rear and the city over the other side of the mountains. A now  perfect blend of hues and a clear sky had become one and my trip was now complete.

  • Dan and Hannah Wedding

    05/03/2015 3:40:00 pm